Motorhome Winter Preparation and Storage

How to Prepare your Motorhome for winter

Frost Damage Prevention

If you are not using your motorhome in wintertime, the water system inside the motorhome needs to be drained down to avoid any frost damage and / or water freezing in any of the appliances / boilers.

You will need to drain down your motorhome to prevent damage from frost, as repairs can be costly and as can invalidate the warranty (if applicable) on your motorhome.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to drain down a motorhome:

  • Open all drain taps
  • Open water heater / combi boiler safety drain valve
  • Open water tank drain valve
  • Open all water taps including shower heads and run the water pump for a short time
  • Leave the tap heads open, so that any moisture can escape.

General Winter Protection for your motorhome

Personal Items / Furnishings

Remove all personal furnishing from your motorhome including making sure you have emptied out the fridge / freezer and all other food items stored in cupboards etc.
When you have taken out your personal items, now is a good time to give everything including all storage areas a good clean with soapy water. After washing cupboards etc give them a wipe over with a dry cloth. Where possible it is advised to leave fridges and freezers slightly open.

Air Ventilation

It is important to maintain a good air flow throughout the motorhome to avoid damage caused by condensation.

  • Lower any drop-down beds if you have them, this will enable improved ventilation around the mattresses
  • Move all seat cushions away from the walls
  • If possible, leave some `low-level` background heat in the motorhome, an oil-filled radiator is a popular choice
  • If it`s possible to leave a trickle charge charger onto your engine and leisure batteries, this will help maintain their performance and duration. Switching off for a week or so and then switching back on for a week or so will help maintain the batteries in good order.

Where to store a motorhome in the winter

With an average motorhome weighing up to 3500 KG`s, it is advisable to store your Motorhome on hard ground, because motorhomes can sink into grass or soft surface areas and lose traction if left on a waterlogged muddy surface for an extended period of time. Also try to avoid leaving your motorhome under trees, thus avoiding tree sap and birds muck falling onto your motorhome.

If you have a roof-mounted solar panel, ensure it is clean and not covered up otherwise it won’t be able to maintain the batteries that it is linked to.

Motorhome Storage Options

For our local customers, if you need to store a Motorhome and are looking for a company you can trust, we are delighted to announce on behalf of “Secure Storage Solutions Ltd” the opening of a Motorhome Storage Facility located near Manston in Kent.

Secure Storage Solutions Margate Kent - Secure Storage Solutions

Tel: 01843 820930

Secure Storage Solutions Ltd Motorhome Storage Facility in Kent near Manston.

In addition, here is a web-link to more than 450 other secure storage sites across the UK.


Tel: 0843 216 5802

CaSSOA awards four levels of security based on a number of features including CCTV, entry points, perimeter fencing and alarm systems. With a CaSSOA registered storage site, you can be confident that your caravan or motorhome will be kept safe and sound.

Should you require any specific advice or guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact our after-sales department on 01227 289111.

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