Motorhome Habitation Check

NCC Approved Workshop scheme, industry recognised standard for Motorhome servicing and repair

What is a Motorhome Habitation check?

It is advised for Motorhome owners to have a yearly check to pinpoint any potential problems that could arise and affect the overall health and running of your motorhome. It is important to have new and used motorhomes checked by validated engineers so you do not invalidate the warranty and it will mean your motorhome will hold its value.

When carrying out habitation checks our technicians will look at the electric, gas and water systems, look for damp areas which could indicate leaks, all the appliances for any faults, and the security of the motorhome such as window locks.

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Technician servicing chausson motorhome

What does a motorhome habitation service include?


  • Corner steadies (where applicable)
  • Folding steps (where applicable)
  • Under slung tanks and pipes

Electrical System

  • 230V & 12V fridge operation
  • Leisure battery
  • Interior lighting & equipment
  • Check fuse box and rating
  • Awning light
  • Wiring on al ELV circuits (visual)
  • LV inlet plug and extension lead
  • Earth bonding continuity test
  • 230V consumer unit load test RCD
  • 230V sockets
  • Electric awning (if fitted)
  • Check operations 230V appliances, fans and luminaries
  • Check any aftermarket items
  • Charge voltage

LPG Gas systems

  • Regulator, gas hose, pipework and manifold
  • Carry out gas tightness check 
  • Check security of LPG tank (if fitted)
  • Security of gas cylinder(s)
  • Ensure all gas dispersal vents are clear
  • Appliances - check operation of all gas appliances fitted including FFD's

Water System

  • Water pump and pressure switch/microswitches
  • Taps, valves, pipes and tank (if fitted)
  • Water inlets
  • Waste systems
  • Toilet


  • Doors and windows
  • General condition of bodywork including roof
  • External seals and bonded joints condition 
  • Body attachments - check security (Indluding ladders, cycle racks, lockers aerials satelites dishes etc)
  • Floor 
  • Furniture
  • Blinds and fly screens
  • Damp test - carry out and note readings on a separte water ingress report sheet)
  • Rising roof (if applicable)


  • Fixed ventilation (low and high levels)
  • Roof lights

Fire and Safety

  • Press test button on smoke alarm to test electrical circuitry and sound alarm (if fitted)
  • Press test button on CO alarm to test electrical cicuirty and sound alarm (if fitted)
  • If a fire extinguisher is fitted, check security of its housings

Why use TC Motorhomes?

TC Motorhomes have dedicated technicians for Habitation Servicing of Motorhomes. We also have the much coveted “APPROVED” status for our workshops. The NCC Approved Workshop scheme, is the only industry recognised standard for Motorhome servicing and repair, supported and endorsed by all the leading UK Motorhome manufacturers. Being a member of the NCC Approved Workshop Scheme means that we are able to undertake servicing of motorhomes without invalidating the Manufacturers Warranty. It also verifies that our technicians are qualified to carry out whatever task is in front of them. Each job is done properly and consistently, and our levels of customer care are second to none.

Why not call us now to book your Motorhome in for its annual inspection, from a motorhome dealer that you can trust. Our customer care is second to none here at TC Motorhomes, Why not check out our Testimonial page

Contact Neil Kinsley to Book your Motorhome Habbitation Check on 01227 289111

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