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What are the advantages of having a Gaslow cylinder system fitted to a motorhome?

Gaslow refillable gas bottles are fitted directly into the motorhome, unlike the gas bottles that are fitted as standard in new motorhomes, such as Calor gas bottles which need to be detached and taken to a supplier and swapped for a full one. One of the main advantages of the Gaslow system is that you will not need to detach the cylinder every time it needs to be filled. You simply take your motorhome to an LPG supplier, ( many fuel forecourts sell it ) and fill the bottle back up like you do with fuel. Gaslow has grown in popularity here in the UK so there are lots of official places you can take your motorhome and refill, here at TC we are an approved Gaslow agent for new system installations.

Gaslow is the preferred method of gas refilling on the continent and is an excellent option for anyone who plans to travel there frequently.

How often do Gaslow cylinders need to be filled?

Gaslow refillable gas bottles are typically the same size as Calor gas bottles so for the average use you would expect them to last for around 3 months. This could change if you were camping in the winter and using the gas to heat your motorhome. Although motorhomes such as the Chausson range typically have the option to heat the motorhome via the engines diesel fuel, or on some models via electric if the motorhome is plugged in to a camp-site’s electric power supply.

Is it expensive to switch to Gaslow?

The initial cost for a technician to fit the Gaslow system is currently £695 +VAT, but a bottle refill typically costs around 50% less than swappable gas cylinders, and you wont need to take empty bottles off the Motorhome and re-fit with full ones.

Can TC Motorhomes fit a Gaslow system for my motorhome?

TC Motorhomes can fit a range of Gaslow appliances, namely refillable bottle systems, Gaslow gauges, regulators, changeover systems together with adaptors and hoses. The latest equipment coming to market from “Gaslow” is the new Gaslow 300 universal regulator system, which together with stainless steel hoses should eradicate a lot of the regulator failures that motorhome & caravanner alike have been experiencing, and that has been widely reported recently.

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