Motorhome Aftersales


At TC Motorhomes we have our own `Habitation` and `Mechanical` workshop facilities, which provide all the expertise and peace of mind, that both you and we demand. We provide the opportunity for you to discuss your requirements with your appointed technician, to ensure that the detail isn't lost in the translation !!

Each and every `Tourer` or `Motorhome` on site receives a comprehensive mechanical and habitation service / inspection, before it leaves us.

Where `Cam Belts` are appropriate, we ensure a replacement has been fitted at the appropriate change period recommended by the manufacturer. We also provide a new MOT, and a 3 month parts and labour warranty, which can be extended.

Our commitment doesn't end there! We can take care of your motorhome throughout its life, habitation or mechanical servicing and maintenance, MOT`s, and of course the fitting of any accessories you may wish to add at any time.

If you have purchased your motorhome or tourer elsewhere, but think we might be able to be of service on the after-sales side.

If your vehicle has `fallen` out of warranty and you want the peace of mind that a warranty policy provides.


Telephone or Email us - To Call TC Motorhomes phone 01227 289111.  We`ll be happy to help.

Mechanical Servicing and Maintenance

At our Newly Opened workshop facility we undertake all servicing, routine maintenance, and MOT`s of your Motorhome, Car or Caravan.

So whether you`re keeping the service history of your pride and joy up to date, or preparing it for the winter and some in-activity, or wanting the all important Cam-Belt to be replaced, we can help you.

We have the latest workshop facilities, and it`s easy to drive on site and park here (however big or small your motorhome is).

We have trained technicians as well, and I know you`ll find we are competitive.

We have loan cars (subject to availability) ... alternatively we can always drop you off in Herne Bay for a period of time whilst your vehicle is being worked on, or if you prefer you can sit in our showroom lounge, and catch up on the days events with a tea or a coffee.

Call us now on 01227 289111

Habitation Servicing

"Oh the cooker wont light!"
"The fires gone out!"
"I cant get any hot water!"
Heard any of those before .. ??

We can help…

T C Motorhomes have dedicated technicians for Habitation Servicing of Touring Caravans and Motorhomes.

We also have the much coveted "APPROVED" status for our workshops.

The NCC Approved Workshop scheme, is the only industry recognised standard for Touring Caravans and Motorhome servicing and repair, supported and endorsed by all the leading UK Tourer and Motorhome manufacturers.

Being a member of the NCC Approved Workshop Scheme means that we are able to undertake servicing of any UK built Tourer or Motorhome without invalidating the Manufacturers Warranty.

It also verifies that our technicians are qualified to carry out whatever task is in front of them. Each job is done properly and consistently, and our levels of customer care are second to none.

Why not call us know to book your Tourer or Motorhome in for its annual inspection, from a dealer that you can trust ..

Call us on 01227 289111 to arrange your booking now.

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